The secrets to taking mesmerizing photos

Inspired by the world’s most famous fashion photographers and bloggers, we are living through the lens of our smart phones aiming to capture that perfect shot. Though looking at the perfect social media feeds of industry experts can be inspiring, it might also fuel doubt about your own abilities as an aspiring photographer. To boost your confidence and upgrade your skills, Kamera Express helps you become the best in class

Dutch company Kamera Express – besides having an online shop with a variety of the best cameras and accessories for image perfection – created a free online academy to help you expertly capture the perfect latte, mesmerizing landscapes or just flawless vacation snapshots. With more than 30 different courses to choose from, these are the tips you need to help you elevate your skills to a professional level.

Whether you are a foodie, fashion lover or beauty addict – and even if you might just want to upgrade your holiday pictures – if you are looking for the skills required to beautifully capture your passion on camera, the Kamera Exress Academy could be exactly what you need to gain the confidence to get started.

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