Birra Moretti: Summer in a bottle – without the hangover!

Imagine yourself on a sultry summer night in Italy. With a beautifully set table full of roses and organics table linen, surrounded by lots of green, olive trees catching a subtle breeze and providing a welcoming shade while the sun warms your skin. Besides classic Italian cuisine and good company, a cold brew would be the perfect guest to complete the setting. Have you ever tasted the quality of Birra Moretti? We would highly recommend!

The Italian favorite is a welcome guest on the table during summer evenings. But did you know that there is also an alcohol-free variant of the quality beer? With Birra Moretti Zero, everyone can enjoy an extended summer drink at home or on the terrace: Alcohol-free pleasure, brewed according to the highest standards.

Birra Moretti Zero has a delicate and subtly bitter taste. This taste is created thanks to top quality ingredients and a special brewing method in which the yeast gives the beer its optimal taste, without the formation of alcohol. This makes Birra Moretti Zero a delicious thirst quencher, but also fantastic in combination with easy, informal Italian dishes. How about bruschetta with tomato and pepper? Or dried proscuitto? Or serve a nice refreshing Birra Moretti Zero with a homemade foccacia. In short: Una festa Italiana!

It should be clear: Birra Moretti is the equivalent of authentic Italian life. The beer brand, founded in 1859 in Udine, a calm provincial town in the Friuli region between Venice and the Alps, stands for passion and taste. The first bottle of Birra Moretti was sold over 160 years ago. The taste and quality however, have remained unchanged.

Italian culture revolves around enjoying yourself with friends and family. And what better way to do that than with good food and quality beer? This summer you can enjoy hours of dining while enjoying a refreshing beer. With Birra Moretti Zero on the table, you connect your guests more than ever: now the people who drive home after dinner can also experience the Italian feeling. Happy days!


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