New season, new skin-care routine

Nothing compares to a healthy sun-kissed glow after a summer spent outdoors. But as the carefree days of summer are slowly coming to an end, our skincare routine needs a different approach. In our opinion, prepping your skin for fall is an absolute necessity.

Amsterdam’s finest institute, BLOY, knows how to pamper skin and reverse the appearance of sun damage. Our favorite facials after a summer spent at the beach between the waves? The Icoone and the Oxygen power facial. These treatments provide a fresh, smoother skin where fine lines, pigmentation and small imperfections fade. In addition, these treatments have no downtime, so you can enjoy an instant glow immediately after your visit.

The Icoone ®

Over the years, our skin loses its elasticity and becomes weaker. The icoone® treatment includes a connective tissue massage, performed in the deeper parts of the skin. This treatment stimulates the skin’s blood flow and reduces blockages in a painless and relaxed way. This technique helps to effectively drain excess moisture (say goodbye to those under-eye bags), reduces fine lines and wrinkles, which will bring back the natural contours for an instantly rejuvenated and glowy skin.

The Oxygen power facial

We firmly believe that true beauty is on the inside. Though we would all love our inside beauty to be reflected on the outside. The Oxygen power facial is an oxygen treatment that works form the inside out and boost your skin to look and feel its best. No fewer than 6 techniques are performed during this facial. The treatment starts with a needle-free oxygen pressure injection to immediately supply the skin with active ingredients. Followed by a connective tissue massage which tightens your facial contours, improves blood circulation and, at the same time, removes all waste products via the lymph. Finishing with the cold laser in combination with concentrated oxygen instantly tightens the skin.

The result? An immediate and long-lasting lifting of the contours, detoxification of the skin and a strengthening of the muscles.

Not sure which treatment best fits your skin’s needs? Visit the BLOY institute for tailor made advice, or visit their website – where you can also shop scented candles and roomsprays for ultimate moments of relaxation.

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