Westfield Mall of the Netherlands: the most Instagramable shopping destination

Strolling through a stunning décor with both re-known brands as well as unique pop-ups: We all know Westfield Mall as the shopping location across the globe. And now, the world’s best shopping destination has landed in the Netherlands! The stunning shopping center displays iconic, 7.5 meter-high shopfronts and is home to the most remarkable flagship stores in the Netherlands. Need some drop-dead gorgeous outfits and mouthwatering pictures for your Insta-feed? At Westfield Mall of the Netherlands, you’re at the right place – pretty backdrops included.

For fashion lovers, visiting Westfield Mall of the Netherlands truly is an experience of its own. With world famous brand such as Dyson, Fabienne Chapot and Lush – who will soon open their (flagship) store – Westfield Mall of the Netherlands has become known for early adapters to find pop-up stores of promising brands and discover the latest labels.

In addition to the countless stores, a bespoke Dining Experience and a local food market, Fresh, the shopping center also includes Amsterdam’s favorite and famous most instagramable food-concept, The Avocado Show. If you want to experience the pretty healthy food concept, you no longer have to travel to the Dutch capital or cities such as London, Madrid and Brussels. The restaurant opened its doors earlier this year in Westfield Mall of the Netherlands. The Avocado Show stands out because of its colorful setting, including a stylish patio. You can eat the famous poké bowl, stacked pancakes or avocado smashed burger.

Besides being home to various innovative concepts and a melting pot of fresh markets, Westfield Mall of the Netherlands also features The Gallery; an artsy environment where, among other things, trendy local entrepreneurs and unique art can be found. So, whether you want to escape the heatwave or need a break from city life, Westfield Mall of the Netherlands is a must-visit for all things pretty, all year round.


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