Amare il Mare

Despite its magnifying beauty, our earth’s surface has never been more fragile. We have a universe of thriving oceans awaiting us, though we haven’t even learned the secrets of our own potential yet.

As we find it hard to imagine autumn is upon us, the magnifying beauty of the final days of summer inspired our latest fashion editorial. Because, as the end of this season has in fact arrived, it is time to nurture our soul and to feel full and satisfied with the fruits of our harvest. Allow a fresh breath of crisp air to awaken your senses and make space for yet to come surprises. Relish in the beauty of this moment, summer is nearly over.



Photography: Lola May

Model: Malu Hopman

Hair & Make-up: Sera Conte

Styling: Tanisha Saphira

Fashion by Les Coyotes de Paris

Ring by Inez Stodel

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