Wendy Buiter on “Becoming a Successful Selling Artist”

The road towards success is one many will try to walk, yet only a few dare to face the struggles along the way. In “Becoming a Successful Selling Artist”, painter and self-made entrepreneur, Wendy Buiter, gives an insight into various stages of her life. The first-time author launched a 240-page memoir, including photographs from her personal archive and extravagant artworks, in which she openly shares her journey towards success. 


Wendy Buiter, 2020, by Mascha Gutlich

In an ideal world, we would all be so aware, so alive, so consequential and so undeniably passionate as Wendy Buiter. Although she struggles to find balance between the pursuit of becoming an artist and the demands of a life with full responsibility for two small children (of which one is a special needs child), a red wire throughout the story is that present circumstances should not influence our thinking about the things that matter to us. The fears and inclinations that underscore and bolster her life choices, are making it even more obvious how much of a fighter she truly is. Through self-discipline, mental toughness and hard work, she became unapologetically successful and developed her signature style as an artist.

After reading Becoming a Successful Selling Artist, I believe this book should be seen as a guidance to find new opportunity by asking yourself persistently difficult questions about what it means to be human, to be happy, and to find what inner urge you so desperately want to fulfill.

What’s most stunning is the fact that it is written with an honesty that will leave you both surprised and inspired. With chapters that alternate from autobiographical to instructional, Becoming a Successful Selling Artist is a true story that will help you practice skills and techniques to create art, but also gives you motivational insights on how to run a business, be persistent, and to develop personal growth. Wendy’s story, which illuminates a path that anyone can follow to reach their full potential, is as intriguing and enduring as her canvases. In addition to her personal life story, Wendy offers practical applications of her hard-won insights to find your unique gifts and pursue your dreams.


“It means a lot to me that my work inspires others, it is the most satisfying feeling. I want to make art because to me, it is an inner urge. It fulfils a need that is more emotional than rational. The feedback I get from my admirers further triggers my intrinsic motivation. And, let me tell you, once you’ve fulfilled your personal goals, you will start looking for ways to serve more souls — to make a difference and to impact as many lives as possible.”
– Wendy Buiter, Becoming a Successful Selling Artist, 2020


Wendy Buiter, 2020, by Mascha Gutlich



Becoming a Successful Selling Artist is now available at www.wendybuiter.com.



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