Hidden Gem | Hotel Santa Caterina, Amalfi Coast

With its typical whitewashed houses, the Amalfi coast is without a doubt one of the most seductive places in Italy. The seamless shift from sea into mountain creates a landscape that enchants its visitor at first sight. Characterized by a picturesque labyrinth of stairways and narrow alleys, the sun-filled destination is a must-visit for lovers and newly-weds.

Hidden between the blue sky and the iridescent coloured sea lies one of Italy’s finest establishments, Hotel Santa Caterina. With a uniquely characteristic ambience, the beauty of this hidden gem lies in the subtle play between interior and exterior, between the lush greenery of the terraced gardens and the sophisticated decor of rooms that are a true invitation to pleasure and repose.

Walk through the peaceful surrounding of the flower-infused garden, where the sweet scent of lemon blossoms harmonizes itself with the salty aromatics of the ocean. Indulge in haute cuisine from Michelin-starred chef Giuseppe Stanzione, whilst watching the sun set behind the cliffs. Immerse in luxury surrounded by pools of light, water, and silence, and enjoy breath-taking views.

Allow your mind to drift away and your senses to truly unwind. Book the ultimate getaway for this summer at Hotel Santa Caterina.



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