Sexual Health: Are You In Control Of Your Own Pleasure?

We prefer to keep it dry for some things, such as a glass of white wine or a Sunday afternoon in the park. But when it comes to sex, we aim for the exact opposite. Lubricant is no longer just to reduce pain during sex. In fact, a touch of lubricant during lovemaking provides even more sensitive, intense and delicious sex. Have you never used lubricant before? Don’t worry, you’re certainly not the only one. But if you want our opinion, we’d highly recommend it!

For some reason, there is still a taboo on the topic. No need for that, of course, because there is nothing quite as normal as having sex – both together and alone. Believe me, we all do it! In fact, sexual wellness has been proven to correspond to a number of tangible benefits in our lives, including increased relationship satisfaction, lower blood pressure, better sleep, and reduced stress levels.

So why do we still feel it is not okay to talk about female pleasure during sex? Research has shown that an entire area of our health and wellness is being ignored, underserved and unnecessarily stigmatized by today’s society, which is our sexual health.

The brand-new pleasure brand Let’s Peep, responds to the needs of women for a healthy sex life with a lubricant that focusses on female pleasure while promoting sexual positivity and fun, without shaming.  The goal of this female-owned business is to break the eternal stigma surrounding lubricants amongst women, so that every woman can reach a new ‘high’ between the sheets. In addition to their unique lubricant, the website also offers a selection of must-have vibrators who are – speaking from experience – definitely worth trying!

Discover more about Let’s Peep on their website. Happy hump day!

(only available for shipping in the Netherlands and Belgium.)
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