Treasures of the Earth

Housed in an atmospheric simulation of caves and caverns, ancient treasures reveal new secrets. Looking deeper into the interior, Mother Earth will show endless opportunity for unimaginable growth and formations.

Uncovering the mysteries of her inner beauty and superstitious charm, Karolin van Loon created a collection of unique jewellery pieces, parred with the subtle sparkle of diamonds and gemstones

Sumptuous shades of pastel pink, ocean green and deep blue tones. Inspired by the shapes and forms of nature’s most desirable treasures. Unravelling true beauty from the inside out.

Photography: Paul Bakker
Model: Shona Lee @Touche Models
Hair & Make-up: Ellen Romeijn
Production & Creative Direction: Annelies Keus

Jewellery: Karolin van Loon

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