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There are many ways to reduce stress, such as yoga, morning meditations, or switching up your diet to include more plant-based foods and less dairy. Stripping it back to basics, the simplest things you can do to keep your skin happy are sleep, exercise and drinking lots of water.  But as the current lockdown crisis is set to continue over the upcoming weeks, impaired blood flow can have damaging consequences for our health and to our skin. Here are three skincare tips to boost both your complexion and your mood.




While you’re busy doing everything to fight the effects of the environment, the consequences of the current climate can affect more than just your mind. Allow yourself to relax a little. Feel like you’re in need of a little treat?  Indulge yourself from top to bottom in the sweet scent of almond with L’Occitane. For a deep state of relaxation.






Need an instant skin-boost? Babor transforms tired-looking skin with power-packed trouble shooters. High concentration of active ingredients replenishes and hydrate to dramatically improve your skin’s complexion. Reduce swelling and puffiness, moisturize and restore for healthy, glowing skin.






Irritated and stressed skin? If you are suffering from dry, itchy or unusual skin sensitivities, it’s probably being caused by stress. The best thing to do is actually pare down your routine and start with a couple of basics. Start by eliminating any products that may cause irritation. Salcura skincare is packed full of natural ingredients that are proven to calm, soothe and nourish sensitive skin. Experiencing tiny bumps or red spots? Paula’s Choice body treatment improves skin texture, and increases blood flow and circulation.






Our skin is the largest barrier against infection and consistency is key to keep your skin happy and healthy. Use this time at home to create a daily skincare routine that works best for you. In addition, healthy skin is the base for flawless makeup. Looking for the perfect glow? Check out our summer beauty edit to give an extra dash of health and radiance to your face.


Credits: Photography by Louiza Mei King, exclusively for AV-mag

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