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Interview Sivan Breemhaar – Living the California Dream

Imagine yourself in the middle of the desert. Looking over large stretches of sand while the silk water of your own personal hot spring is surrounding your body. After going through extraordinary lengths, Dutch entrepreneur Sivan Breemhaar clawed her way back up and is finally living her dream in the Californian desert. From there, she is running her own sustainable fashion brand, Afriek.

Sexual Health: Are You In Control Of Your Own Pleasure?

As self-love has become a widely used term over the past few years, we’ve learned that this is more than just taking good care of your physical health. In more ways than one, it is about loving your body – flaws included – and accepting yourself exactly for who you are. Self-pleasure is a powerful way to help you connect with your body and to get comfortable in your own skin. So why do we still feel it is not okay to talk about female pleasure in sex?

How To Stay Ahead Of The Lockdown Kilos

Okay, you have now imagined that your diet is completely healthy and delicious, and that you are the best version of yourself. But how do you translate that into real life? Health coach Eveline Keus shares three tips to help you stay on track during this never ending lockdown. Plus, you can find another delicious healthy recipe to kickstart your week!

A Homage To The Greek Goddesses

Pearls never truly go out of style, but in 2021 they’ve truly made a comeback. Belgian jewellery designer Karolin Van Loon has given her own twist to this trend by combining her signature agate geodes with South Sea pearls; known for its subtle satin shine and soft color.

How to stick to your healthy New Year’s resolutions

Okay, you have now imagined that your diet is completely healthy and delicious, and that you are the best version of yourself. But how do you translate that into real life? Nutritionist and health coach Eveline Keus, plans her life around her meals, loves to cook delicious food and travels the world for inspiration.

Bisma Eight – Ubud, Bali
Ubud is renowned for many things besides its spiritual healing, moreover for being Bali’s most cultural hotspot. Right in the…
Podcast Interview | Laurèl Bodenhorst Meyer, Founder Tototè Studio

Laurel Bodenhorst Meyer started her very own ethically produced label, Tototè studio earlier this year. We discuss what drove her to start her own business, and how the Pandemic has forever changed the way we see fashion.

30 & Single – part 4 “Single Holiday Blues”

We stealthily try to avoid the conversation during Christmas dinner when Aunt Susan starts asking us about our love life, and spend our time in the bathroom searching for “survival guides” for single women, telling us how to get through the holidays without gaining 10 pounds

Interview Liselotte & Annabel van Kuijk: New Adventures

Taking over a company in the middle of a worldwide crisis: you have to be one hell of a daredevil to do that. While the number of bankruptcies has increased in recent months, due to the Pandemic, sisters Annabel and Liselotte van Kuijk took the plunge and started their own business, together.

Wendy Buiter on “Becoming a Successful Selling Artist”

The road towards success is one many want try to walk, yet only a few dare to face the struggles along the way. In “Becoming a Successful Selling Artist”, painter and self-made entrepreneur, Wendy Buiter, gives an insight into various stages of her life.

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