Interview Lena Cobelens, Le Olive – From ‘Mommy to be’, to a Million Dollar Business

She is the woman behind the brand that took over the internet by storm after being picked up by the world’s most influential women – such as Christine Quinn and Rose Betram, to name a few. But though her appearance says ‘globetrotter’, Lena Cobelens, founder of lifestyle brand Le Olive, kept both feet firmly on the ground.

Interview Lynn Spoor – Where Fashion meets Art

It is said that creativity is something you’re born with, and that is certainly true when it comes to the sublime work of artist Lynn Spoor. The model turned artist – that reached financial independence before the age of 20 – has made a name for herself both in the Netherlands and overseas, and will without a doubt become a worldwide phenomenon within the next decade.

Interview Roos & Erica (Angelus): The Art of Healing

Incredible things happen when two artists and yoginis join forces from a complicated past. Both passionate about the emotional lessons…

Interview Sivan Breemhaar – Living the California Dream

Imagine yourself in the middle of the desert. Looking over large stretches of sand while the silk water of your own personal hot spring is surrounding your body. After going through extraordinary lengths, Dutch entrepreneur Sivan Breemhaar clawed her way back up and is finally living her dream in the Californian desert. From there, she is running her own sustainable fashion brand, Afriek.

Interview Liselotte & Annabel van Kuijk: New Adventures

Taking over a company in the middle of a worldwide crisis: you have to be one hell of a daredevil to do that. While the number of bankruptcies has increased in recent months, due to the Pandemic, sisters Annabel and Liselotte van Kuijk took the plunge and started their own business, together.

Interview Karolin van Loon: Treasures of the Earth

Karolin van Loon is carving out an impressive career. Quite literally, as she started her very own jewellery business five…

Q&A with Charmaine Pas – Founder the Gentleman Academy

It’s no secret that dating can be quite a hassle. Especially with today’s endless amount of app’s and websites. But…

Q&A with Sanne Huisman, founder TEDS

Tender pancakes, runny eggs, and endless rounds of mimosa’s abound. TEDS All Day Brunch is all about feel good food…

Interview Astrid van der Hoeven: Objects of Desire

She’s one of the brightest and most positive people you are ever likely to meet. Astrid van der Hoeven founded…

Interview Kim van der Veer: Finding Balance

She lights up every room with her smile and is one of Amsterdam’s most wanted lifestyle coaches. With her newly…

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