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Interview Roos & Erica (Angelus): The Art of Healing

Incredible things happen when two artists and yoginis join forces from a complicated past. Both passionate about the emotional lessons…

Interview Sivan Breemhaar – Living the California Dream

Imagine yourself in the middle of the desert. Looking over large stretches of sand, feeling the warmth of the sun…

ISSUE #6 – New Season, New Styles

When it comes to putting together the ultimate outfit for spring, many of us have become style experts in upgrading casuals that suit today’s “working from home” lifestyle to fit our own personal identity. But with sustainability becoming more important, model Xin You shows off the new-season investment pieces to create an on-trend, yet timeless, capsule collection for springtime dressing with a touch of minimalist chic.

Sexual Health: Are You In Control Of Your Own Pleasure?

Sexual wellness has been proven to correspond to a number of tangible benefits in our lives, including increased relationship satisfaction, lower blood pressure, better sleep, and reduced stress levels. The brand-new pleasure brand Let’s Peep, responds to the needs of women for a healthy sex life with a lubricant that focusses on female pleasure while promoting sexual positivity and fun, without shaming.

How To Stay Ahead Of The Lockdown Kilos

Okay, you have now imagined that your diet is completely healthy and delicious, and that you are the best version of yourself. But how do you translate that into real life? Health coach Eveline Keus shares three tips to help you stay on track during this never ending lockdown. Plus, you can find another delicious healthy recipe to kickstart your week!

A Homage To The Greek Goddesses

Pearls never truly go out of style, but in 2021 they’ve truly made a comeback

How to stick to your healthy New Year’s resolutions

Okay, you have now imagined that your diet is completely healthy and delicious, and that you are the best version of yourself. But how do you translate that into real life? Nutritionist and health coach Eveline Keus, plans her life around her meals, loves to cook delicious food and travels the world for inspiration.

Bisma Eight – Ubud, Bali
Ubud is renowned for many things besides its spiritual healing, moreover for being Bali’s most cultural hotspot. Right in the…
Podcast Interview | Laurèl Bodenhorst Meyer, Founder Tototè Studio

Laurel Bodenhorst Meyer started her very own ethically produced label, Tototè studio earlier this year. We discuss what drove her to start her own business, and how the Pandemic has forever changed the way we see fashion.

30 & Single – part 4 “Single Holiday Blues”

We stealthily try to avoid the conversation during Christmas dinner when Aunt Susan starts asking us about our love life, and spend our time in the bathroom searching for “survival guides” for single women, telling us how to get through the holidays without gaining 10 pounds

Interview Liselotte & Annabel van Kuijk: New Adventures

Taking over a company in the middle of a worldwide crisis: you have to be one hell of a daredevil to do that. While the number of bankruptcies has increased in recent months, due to the Pandemic, sisters Annabel and Liselotte van Kuijk took the plunge and started their own business, together.

Wendy Buiter on “Becoming a Successful Selling Artist”

The road towards success is one many want try to walk, yet only a few dare to face the struggles along the way. In “Becoming a Successful Selling Artist”, painter and self-made entrepreneur, Wendy Buiter, gives an insight into various stages of her life.

Sparkling Jewels | Holiday Gift Guide

We created a sparkling Holiday wishlist. These state-of-the-art jewellery design will get you ready for Christmas.

How to “Lead by Heart”

Learn to rise in your authentic power, to live and lead from your heart, connect to the powerful leader within you and to rise in your full feminine authenticity.

Body Language

This fashion editorial shows our body is the purest form of expression. Our body’s language tells a different story to each reader.

Podcast Interview | Mariah Mansvelt Beck, Founder Yoni

She is the founder of the brand that became known for the slogan: Chemicals are not for pussy’s! Mariah Mansvelt…

Amare il Mare

As we find it hard to imagine autumn is upon us, the magnifying beauty of the final days of summer inspired our latest fashion editorial.

30 & Single – part 3

I’m pretty sure I lost all my ability to think after he switched on an earth-shattering performance at the drop of a G-string.

Interview Karolin van Loon: Treasures of the Earth

Karolin van Loon is carving out an impressive career. Quite literally, as she started her very own jewellery business five…

Podcast Interview | Selina Martin, Growth Facilitator & Personal Branding Expert

She is a force to be reckoned with. Selina Martin guides leading women in business in their visible growth through…

30 & Single – part 2

Did I really lose every shred of faith in finding someone that genuinely cares, that I was left with no other choice than to rely on old flames?

Treasures of the Earth

Uncovering the mysteries of her inner beauty and charm, Karolin van Loon created a collection of unique jewellery pieces, captured in this beauty editorial.

Q&A with Charmaine Pas – Founder the Gentleman Academy

It’s no secret that dating can be quite a hassle. Especially with today’s endless amount of app’s and websites. But…

The Heart-Cast with Tess Keijzer – Heart Intelligence Explained

Welcome to The Heart-Cast; a 4-episode series with heart intelligence expert and public speaker, Tess Keijzer. Over the past 10 years,…

Wellness State of Mind

As the current lockdown crisis is set to continue over the upcoming weeks, here are three skin health tips to boost both your complexion and your mood.

Q&A with Sanne Huisman, founder TEDS

Tender pancakes, runny eggs, and endless rounds of mimosa’s abound. TEDS All Day Brunch is all about feel good food…

Interview Astrid van der Hoeven: Objects of Desire

She’s one of the brightest and most positive people you are ever likely to meet. Astrid van der Hoeven founded…

The Summer Beauty Edit

Create the ultimate summer glow! Here are our beauty secrets for getting bright dewy skin, no matter what skin type.

Hidden Gem | Hotel Santa Caterina, Amalfi Coast
With its typical whitewashed houses, the Amalfi coast is without a doubt one of the most seductive places in Italy.…
Podcast Interview | Kerrie Finch, Founding Partner & President FUTUREFACTOR

Kerrie Finch is the founding partner and president of FUTUREFACTOR, one of the leading internationally operating communication and PR agencies…


The disastrous climate crisis we are currently living in has once again been proven its need for immediate action.

30 & Single – part 1

Everyone all of the sudden tries to force dating advice down your throat as if starting a family is the foremost important thing you should be worrying about as a woman.

Interview Kim van der Veer: Finding Balance

She lights up every room with her smile and is one of Amsterdam’s most wanted lifestyle coaches. With her newly…

Podcast Interview | Sarah Hildering, CEO LEDO Music

Having worked in top positions within the music industry for many years, Sarah Hildering knows better than anyone else how…

Podcast Interview | Wendy Buiter, artist & businesswoman

Not many people change career paths from running a million-dollar company to a life as an artist, and turn out…

Interview Ilse Bos: From PRADA to passion

Having worked for fashion houses like Louis Vuitton and Prada, flying back and forth to Paris for training and being…

La Femme Rebelle

Explore the lavishness of French couture: Sharp tailoring, delicate embroidery and sleek structured shoulders to create the perfect festive wardrobe that defines effortless style.

Five must-see fashion exhibitions to visit this winter

Cristobal Balenciaga. Fashion and Heritage. Contexts.  Located in the town where the couturier was born, the Cristobal Balenciaga Museum stages…

Podcast Interview | Marielle & Xandra, co-founders MoXie Models

It’s no secret that the world of modeling isn’t always just glitter and glamour. And who better to ask than…

Podcast Interview | Designer Denise Ruigrok van der Werven

From a small headquarters in Rotterdam, Dutch designer, Denise Ruigrok van der Werven creates what can only be described as…

Podcast Interview | Ellen Romeijn, international hair&make-up artist

Hair & makeup artist Ellen Romeijn is a well-respected lady in her field of expertise. The world’s biggest fashion shows,…

Podcast Interview | Victoria Ratmanova, founder of Naturals Cosmetics

Victoria Ratmanova, founder and CEO of beauty brand, Naturals Cosmetics, experienced first-hand the importance of keeping your cosmetics clear from…

Podcast Interview | Julia Muller, fashion stylist

Industry-expert Julia Muller is a woman of many talents and a well-known name within the international fashion business. After finishing…

Podcast Interview | Eva van der Mei, founder EVDM Agency

Eva van der Mei is a well-known face within the Dutch fashion industry. Eva started her career at the age…

Podcast Interview | Marcha Hüskes, Founder of Marcha Studio

Marcha Hüskes creates clothes that make style look easy. Her timeless pieces, made from sustainable and high-quality materials, originate from…

Podcast Interview | Thalita van Ogtrop, founder of The Next Closet

Female tech fanatic, successful entrepreneur and award winner Thalita van Ogtrop, has many reasons to be proud. Six years ago,…

Podcast Interview | Melanie van Wijk, co-owner MaisonPR

With a client list including Estée Lauder, Triumph International and Park Plaza Hotel Group, to name a few, PR-guru Melanie…

Nourish Body and Soul – Ubud, Bali
Swim in the pool under the stars, surrounded by wild jungle sounds and expand all views. Allow changes to happen…
“Between the lines” – A Fashion Story

Fall is undoubtedly the best season for style. This season is all about timeless, high quality pieces, combining forces of individuality and style to make a powerful statement.

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